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A little paradise in the heart of Mirabe:  14 thematic gardens

Located on a country road in Mirabel, “Route des Gerbes d’Angelica”, producer of perennials, has built fourteen different thematic gardens, marrying aesthetics, ecology, music and humanitarian mission. They are as follows:

 Home garden

Upon entering “Route des Gerbes d’Angelica”, one of the members will welcome you and inform you in order to make your visit enjoyable.  Start your visit by meeting Angelica, the scientific name being Angelica Archangelica L., Apiacea family (umbellifarae).

Country garden

Jardin campagnardHead to the country garden, recalling our grandmothers’ gardens. It is simplicity and warmth, lightness and freedom. Inspired by our Quebec landscapes, it creates a bucolic atmosphere reminding picnics, games, and walks in the countryside.

Fairy garden

Jardin féériqueAn invitation to the imagination, a journey to the land of fairies and goblins, that we discover along a star-shaped path.  The perfect place to let one’s inner child dream and travel in a world of folklore, stories, and poetry.


Observation pavilion

Located in the center of the gardens, two pavilions invite you to relax.  This cozy corner is conducive to listening to a show, to having a picnic, or simply to enjoy the surrounding gardens.

Discovery garden

Jardin des découvertes

Follow the trail to our modern contemporary-style garden. You can see its keeper, an inukshuk, observing the geometric shapes filled with annuals and admiring works of contemporary art.

Bird garden

Jardin des oiseauxTake the gate to the bird garden and let yourself be overwhelmed by their songs.  Watch them in the feeders and baths especially set for them.  Birdwatchers will be thrilled.  Remember that the berries are reserved for the birds…

Contemporary garden

Continue your visit by entering a contemporary garden, inspired by one of the Gardens of Versailles.  Be dazzled by its geometric forms, its shrubs, its coloured stones, and its statues..

Grass garden

Take a photo pause on the star of this garden, the teak bench, fashioned with the passing of time.  You can watch the Daughters of the Wind (grass) in a soft rustling music.  With their smooth movements, they perform a dance full of grace.  Natural and free, they contribute to the soul of this garden.

Rose garden

Go to the rose garden, for a “rendez-vous” with romance.  Find out where Cinderella has abandoned her carriage.  Let yourself be intoxicated by the smell of our nine hundred roses and fall under the spell of the many delphiniums surrounding them.

Zen garden and water pond

Jardin zenYou must stop under the pagoda of the Zen garden.  Observe the natural stone waterfall flowing into a pond.  Under the watching eyes of many Buddhas, take a moment to relax and recharge your energy.  Just as you would at the exit of a temple in Indonesia, go through the six doors or columns symbolizing the body, the mind, and the spirit.

English garden

Located near the farm building, is an English garden, remembering the contribution of youth from Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi de Mirabel, during the summer 2009.

Shade garden in the forest

Shade garden in the middle of an ’opencast cathedral’ made of the remains of the ’Grande Fresnière’ ancestral church of Saint-Benoit de Mirabel. Decor made by Pierre Gauthier, designer of our mascot Angelica.

Menhir garden

Garden made from stones found in our gardens and mounted on one another to imitate menhirs.  Wonderful picnic area below the white pines!

Alpine garden

A beautiful site made of big stones and full of mountain plants, except for the cactus (perennial).