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Emile Skamare, République Tchèque


Feet and Hands in the Earth

Groupe, sortie éducativeThe activities, adapted to the cycle, are designed for students of:

  • Preschool (kindergarten 4years and 5 years)
  • Elementary:  Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3
  • Secondary:  Cycle 1


Groupe, sortie éducativeDuring the summer, there is a possibility to receive day camps.


Objectives : 

  • Take pleasure in discovering the nature and creating new links with one’s environment.
  •  Become a player in one’s environment, and reflect on the various human impacts on nature.
  • Leave a moving and biodegradable trace.
  •  Raise awareness of global consciousness:  the origin of plants, songs, stories, etc.
  • Connect plants to a universal language and to different cultures.
  •  Introduce young people to a foreign culture.
  • Discover different forms of art.


Rates : 

2016-2017: $11.10 (no tax) per student / per day.  Free admission for each volunteer accompanying a group of 10 children.