Friends and artists



Calm day, lovely walking through the flowers! Margurite L., St-André d’Argenteuil


Artists and benefactors

Radio animator at Jewel 107,7 and musician
Thanks to Mr Mihavolich who believes in our project and is the voice presenting Route des Gerbes d’Angelica.  In addition to being a good communicator, he is an accomplished musician.

Horticulturist and chronicler at Radio Centre-Ville
We thank Mr. Lahaie for his generosity shown by graciously lending his voice, his communication skills and time to promote our gardens at Radio Centre-Ville.


His artistic approach is based on the fundamentals of visual art:  using material to express a feeling, an idea.  He experimented with several mediums but is better known as a watercolorist.  Besides painting, he is also known as a graphic designer (logs and posters), a muralist and performer (films, theatre, and television series).  With his experience and talent, Conrad Therrien has created paintings and projections for “Route des Gerbes d’Angelica”. 


Monsieur Gauthier fait la conception et la fabrication de décors 3D et d’accessoires exclusifs et originaux pour le théâtre, le cinéma, les commerces, les congrès ou événements spéciaux. Il a réalisé notre ’Angelica’ de 16 pi de hauteur qui se situe dans le jardin d’accueil,  ses amis elfes et lutins dans l’aire de repos, ainsi que des décors fleuris et pancartes animées.
 7010 boul des Milles-Iles, Laval    Tél.: 450-666-1781

Visual artists

“Our works, which we hope will shake your imagination, are presented in one of the following three mediums:  splashes on archival paper, watercolor paper, or canvas, in various sizes.  The number of serigraphs is very limited and each print is signed and numbered.” 

Artist, painter, professional sculptor

Arts have always been part of his life.  He started drawing when he was young, but it is only at 30 years old that he was introduced to sculpture.  Michel made his first sculptures in 1997, and competed in Quebec and in the United States.  He quickly distinguished himself by the quality of his work and his constant quest for perfection and authenticity, which quickly developed his reputation in this field.

Professional sculptor

“Des Bois” characters were born from the imagination of Michel Desmeules.  The artist takes pleasure in introducing sympathetic original pieces.  Michel creates his drawings in the shape of a tree root, called “cypress knees”.  Each character is unique.


“My muse is freedom:  it opens its wings and flies through the beauties of life.”  Her passion for butterflies and flora creates an infinite source of inspiration.  This led her to develop works of great sensitivity in a style that relates to her personal vision of nature.

Elsa Boisjoly

Artist sculptor

“I am interested by stone as a material of expression, by its brute strength, its aesthetic beauty, its infinite possibilities, as well as by direct carving.”

Professional sculptor

Mr. Poirier has a background in welding metal and stainless steel, as well as a forty-year career as a welder.  It has been a self-taught visual artist since thirty years.  He creates sculptures of various sizes from metal, steel, stone, and wood.  He participated to several exhibitions, symposiums and events across Quebec.

HERVÉ GOBEIL, alias Foulanger
Baker for 20 years and manufacturer of traditional bread ovens in La Malbaie.

He learned his trade with Roger and Éléonore Ouellet. He makes clay ovens and cooks artisanal breads. His mentor, Roger Ouellet, is also a sculptor and storyteller. Mr. Ouellet has learned how to make bread ovens with Alexis Lapointe, another well-known craftsman and storyteller named Alexis le Trotteur.
Le Foulanger, 674, chemin du Golf, La Malbaie, Qc
1 418 665-475