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Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome on Saturday. It was a lovely afternoon. Deborah, Hudson Garden Club


RGA creation

This project is the culmination of ten years of research, travel, and numerous meetings.  It was born of the desire and determination of twenty persons who wanted to get involved in the community for the following reasons:

The site of the future gardens

Screening the earth

Fall 2008 planting

Take action to improve the life quality of disabled persons by facilitating their access to the gardens and various activities; take seniors out of their isolation by encouraging intergenerational meetings; through “Field trips (green classes)”, inform children of the value of agriculture in their lives.

A few figures

  • 50 loads of earth
  • 1215 tons of stone
  • 175 tons of sand
  • 17 tons of compost
  • 1 trailer of sand dust
  • 4 tons of  buckwheat flakes
  • 20 loads of wood bark mulch
  • 343 tons of recycled asphalt

To achieve their objective, these  persons formed a non-profit organization and began to clean up part of a 94-acre land to establish the gardens.  From ten thematic gardens at the beginning, we now have in 2016, fourteen gardens, including the shade garden in the forest.






Hard work…











Fall 2008 planting